Group Training Classes: are fun and informal, they are the cheapest method of training, classes are kept small to provide a safe environment that allows you and your dog to progress at your own pace. Dogs need to be happy with other dogs and people to attend group training.

Dog training Classes are held at:

Doncaster – FRIDAY 6pm & 7pm
Cantley Community Centre
Goodison Boulevard

Sheffield Group training classes (Norton & Handsworth) please call 0750 441 6236 to discuss times/venues/availability.

Fiesty Fido – Reactive Rovers Support Group sessions please call 0750 441 6236 to discuss times/venues/availability.

Correct training and socialisation under supervision is vital to prevent future behaviour problems. Lots of dogs, running around off lead, is not ideal, you wouldn’t allow a toddler to mix freely with unruly teenagers, or play with the local bully, so why would you let a young impressionable pup interact this way.

In class, you will learn some basic control and puppy manners, and most importantly we teach your dog focus on you. Your dog will learn to ‘sit’ instead of jumping up, come back when called, and not pull you on lead.

As part of preventing future behavioural issues, a bonus session included in your induction, will cover how dogs learn how and communicate, how diet and hormones influence behaviour and how to motivate and play with your dog.

Your dog’s behaviour will be transformed in a short amount of time, however, our follow on more advanced classes are a must, and provide the building blocks for greater control around distractions (dogs, people, squirrels or anything else your dog finds appealing).

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