My aim is to help owners with many of the problem behaviours occurring in puppies and adult dogs. I am the only dog trainer in Doncaster with a degree in Canine Behaviour and Training, as a reward-based trainer I only use humane and efficient training methods which work for every dog.

Great dog handlers build great relationship based on trust, there are too many old school ‘Pack leader’ Guru’s out there, who use fear based out-dated techniques (lead corrections, water bottles/rattle cans etc., these methods not only break a dog’s trust, but have been scientifically proven to increase the risk of aggression.

I have worked primarily with Rescue dogs and have experience in Doggy Day Care and indoor and outdoor training classes. I currently live with two dogs Maddy & Reggie (English Bull Terrier cross Jack Russell and English Bull Terrier). Maddy was the catalyst for my dog training and behaviour modification journey, this gave me an insight into the many challenges owners face daily when caring for a reactive dog.